The Arizona Department of Public Safety has a history of racial profiling. This practice continues. We have issued a TRAVEL WARNING Arizona Travel Warning Link for all Racial Minorities traveling to or through the State of Arizona. Review the "Traffic Stop Resources" below in order to protect yourself from the tactics that the Arizona DPS uses to subject motorists to unequal law enforcement based on race.

If you were racially profiled and your civil rights were violated in the State of Arizona, we want to hear from you, we will share your story. This "pattern and practice" of the Arizona DPS is despicable. This has gone on for too long.

In 2001, the ACLU of Arizona filed a class action lawsuit (Arnold v. Arizona Department of Public Safety), and the case was resolved in 2006 with approval of a historic settlement agreement. As part of the settlement, the Arizona DPS was required to collect data on all traffic stops and modify search procedures.

The ACLU of Arizona commissioned the Social Research Laboratory (SRL) at Northern Arizona University to analyze the first year of DPS data collected under terms of the Arnold settlement.

This report concludes that DPS officers treated persons from different racial and ethnic groups unequally between July 2006 and June 2007. Minorities were more likely than whites to be searched and stopped for longer periods of time.

Read the full report. Driving While Black or Brown: An analysis of racial profiling in Arizona.

To review the three year "Traffic Stop Data Reports" required under the terms of Arnold v. Arizona Department of Public Safety, CLICK HERE.

File a complaint with the Arizona DPS against an officer for Racial Profiling, CLICK HERE.

To contact the ACLU of Arizona, CLICK HERE.

Arizona Travel Warning Link Arizona Travel Warning Link
The Arizona Department Of Public Safety has a history of racial profiling. This injustice continues to this day.
Were You Racially Profiled?

Were your civil rights violated by law enforcement? We want to hear from you. We will log your complaint and make sure that your voice is heard. CLICK HERE to share your story.

What should you do after being Racially Profiled?

Document everything including the time, date, location, officer name and badge number, chronology of events and reason you believe that you were racially profiled. CLICK HERE for more information.

Do not remain silent!

All freedom loving Americans, especially people of color must continue the fight for racial justice. Equal protection under the law is only a myth.