What can You Do?

Enlist in the Army Of Justice® and mobilize against all forms of injustice.

Were You Racially Profiled?

It is almost impossible to prove a case of racial profiling. The only thing that you may be able to accomplish is to file a formal complaint against the offending officer.

Educate Yourself And Those Around You.

The best defense against becoming a victim of racial profiling is knowledge. You may still become a victim of racial profiling, however, with the proper information you may be more prepared to protect your civil rights and minimize the negative impacts of such an encounter. Educate yourself and share the information on this website with your friends and family. All American citizens should be aware of the issue of racial profiling and how to protect themselves.

If you have been the victim of racial profiling, it is recommended that you consult with an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, you may file a formal complaint of “Racial Profiling” with the offending law enforcement agency. Any complaint of racial profiling by law enforcement is nearly impossible to prove.

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The Constitution Of The United States

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